Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation services offered in Gilbert, AZ

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation services offered in Gilbert, AZ

Breast augmentation increases breast size, improves shape, and gives you a better cleavage. Atelier Plastic Surgery: Rohit Jaiswal, MD, in Gilbert, Arizona, achieves natural-looking results using the latest advanced silicone and saline implants. Call Atelier Plastic Surgery to see if breast augmentation is right for you, or request a consultation using the online booking feature today.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation (breast implants, breast enlargement, or a boob job) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. It’s ideal for anyone wishing to increase their breast size, achieve a rounder breast shape, or create fullness in the upper breast. Transgender women undergoing the transition process can also benefit from breast implant surgery.

Breast augmentation is an option if you’ve lost weight or had a baby and notice your breasts look deflated. It could form part of your mommy makeover after childbirth. You might want to combine your implants with a breast lift, where Dr. Jaiswal raises sagging breasts, removes excess skin, and repositions the nipple and areola.

After breast augmentation, you get more cleavage, fill out bras, tops, and bathing suits, and enjoy increased self-confidence. To be a suitable candidate, you must be psychologically stable and have realistic expectations of what breast augmentation surgery can achieve.

If you have the opposite problem where your breasts are too large, Dr. Jaiswal offers breast reduction surgery. He can also help men with severe gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue) using reduction and address puffy nipples using nipple reduction techniques.

What type of breast augmentation should I choose?

The FDA-approved options for breast augmentation are implants and fat transfer. Dr. Jaiswal uses the newest generation implants, including:

  • Saline implants filled with sterile salt water
  • Structured saline implants
  • Silicone implants
  • Gummy bear or form-stable implants
  • Round implants
  • Smooth implants
  • Textured implants

Fat transfer breast augmentation uses fat Dr. Jaiswal removes from other parts of your body to enlarge your breasts. He uses liposuction to extract the fat cells, purifies them, and injects them into your breasts. This offers a more natural, long-lasting result and a more pleasing body shape while requiring fewer incisions and creating smaller scars.

What does breast augmentation surgery involve?

Breast augmentation surgery takes between one and three hours. Recovery varies, but one or two weeks off work is typical. You must follow certain restrictions for the first month, including not lifting heavy weights or assuming certain positions.

If there are no problems, you should be able to resume your usual activities after a month. Dr. Jaiswal recommends patients always wear a bra for the best results.

You’ll notice a difference in breast size and shape immediately after augmentation surgery. However, your breast implants could take six months or more to settle into their final position.

Call Atelier Plastic Surgery: Rohit Jaiswal, MD, to see if you could benefit from breast augmentation or book an appointment online today.